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Darwish™ factories and products has been in the market since 1914. It started with a small location for manufacturing T-shirts, and it scaled up rapidly through the time to manufacture all different kinds of garments.


Darwish Cotton™ owns 2 factories, located in Alexandria, Egypt. Being located on the main port of Egypt, enabled us to ship our products easily to Europe, Asia, and North America, as well as our stores in upper egypt. The factories are responsible for all the stages of fabric production, starting from cotton yarns rolling, and ending with final product packaging and delivery to our stores, or exporting to our overseas clients.

Darwish Cotton™ produces all kind of woven and knitted products made only from 100% pure Egyptian cotton, such as Shirts, Trousers, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Sweatshirts, Uniforms, Training suits, Jackets, Sweaters, Table cloth, Napkins, Bed sheets, Bed covers, Bed Spreads, Pillow Cases...etc.

Upgrading the factories machinery rapidly, and training the staff to the new technologies, enabled Darwish Cotton™ to produce remarkable quality fabrics and to expand and grow and increase the production capacity.

Production at Darwish Cotton™ follows the conventional system practiced in every garment factory. The process includes weaving and knitting, cutting the fabrics, sewing and finishing.



In this section, Cotton yarns are woven or knitted, with the required thread count and weight/m² to produce the fabrics needed for production.


In this section the fabrics are cut into pre made designs. Such works as pattern making, marking, assortment and spreading are carried out before actually cutting takes place. After cutting, the pieces are marked with numbers for identification. The cut pieces are then processed by the fusing press and finished  with bank knife before they are sent to the sewing section.


printing ready made products or unfinished products before sewing 


using our embroidery machine to make the design our clients are looking for with high quality 


The cut pieces are joined together by sewing machines. Different parts of a shirt, such as collar and cuff, back and front, are made and joined here. Finally the product is assembled and become ready for inspection before it is sent to the finishing section.
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