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Bulk orders

Discover more about our factory, make your bulk orders in your brand name, manufacture all 100 % Egyptian cotton products. Know all about our manufacturing phases from yarn till final products.
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Darwish STORE

Visiting Darwish cotton store During your visit to Aswan is an experience you should never miss. take a virtual tour, see our products and reserve a visit after working hours 
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About us

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Darwish for Textiles and Clothes is an Egyptian company that has been in the market since 1914. It started with a factory for manufacturing T-shirts and scaled up rapidly to manufacture all different kinds of garments. Over the years, Darwish Cotton products has been well known for its very high quality, and meeting international standards required for all its exports.

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Over the years Darwish has been working in different market it started with white labeling production for multinational known brands around the world and the touristic market in Egypt where it introduced the customized embroidery T-shirt where tourists could write there names in a Khartosh in hieroglyphs. 

Darwish then stared manufacturing uniforms for huge entities around Egypt who where looking for high quality products making huge success in this market too as always.

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Darwish cotton aswan store

opening our first stores in Aswan to serve the touristic that Darwish has been leading for years and our first step in the retail market.

In 2015 Darwish has entered the local market in Egypt competing with huge brands with it's high quality 100% Egyptian cotton product. mainly selling online, to start working on a plan that by 2019 having retail stores that would compete with huge brands

Egyptian cotton T-shirt

Darwish has different logos each of which serve a different market 

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